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Performance Zone FITNESS

12,000 sq. ft. with a 125 ft. 3-lane track. 

If you want to be the best, you have to train with and like the best... actually, you have to train smarter and better than that. And, you can do that with The Performance Zone. Our programs and trainers have produced multiple D-I college and professional athletes, with many more on the way.

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6,000 sq. ft. with 4 pitching lanes and area for injury prevention. Yakkertech and Baseball Cloud technology.

Elite Pitching Development helps pitchers gain velocity, build mechanical efficiency, command pitches better, develop better secondary stuff, understand the mental side of pitching, build an individual arm care and injury prevention program, and help pitchers develop the skills high school, college, and professional coaches look for while recruiting pitchers.  Since EPD’s inception in 2012 we have helped countless pitchers reach their goals and improve their all around skill set on the mound.

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12,000 sq. ft. with turf infield (75ft. bases), 4 batting cages, HitTrax Cage and 2 iPitch pitching machines.

Legacy Hitting Development

Legacy Hitting Development - our goal is to develop successful in-game hitters. We teach an approach to hitting while developing the appropriate swing sequence and mechanics.

To help all hitters attain their goals, we will utilize data and video to drive instruction, correct swing flaws/inconsistencies, and to promote
correct swing adjustments. We believe hard barrel contact results in a successful at bat regardless of outcome.

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12,000 sq. ft. with turf infield (75ft. bases), and Hackattack machines

LegacY FIELDING Development

Legacy Fielding Development - our goal is to develop successful in-game fielders by teaching an approach to fielding.
Within that concept we will be developing the appropriate pre/pitch movements, approach to ball movements, positioning at contact, and athleticism to complete the play.

Our drills and standards of developing glove work/hands, footwork, body positioning, and awareness on the field will create a fielder that will make difficult plays look routine and routine plays look effortless.

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12,000 sq. ft. with turf infield (75ft. bases), and Hackattack machines

Trainer: Coltyn Kessler

Advanced Big League movement patterns will be taught in a staggered approach to building the complete catcher.  Athletes will receive skill instruction in all phases of the catching position. 

All catchers will benefit from enhanced Receiving, Blocking, and Throwing mechanics as well as an appropriate 'catchers mentality' and approach to the game. A variety of teaching tools and methodologies will be used to maximize player development.