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Areas Of Focus

Velocity Training  Gaining velocity and throwing hard is an essential part of being a successful pitcher and gaining interest of coaches at the next level.  We go through an extensive throwing arm and full body strengthening program using the latest tools like bands, weighted balls, throwing tubes, medicine balls, dumbbells, and various other strengthening items to help develop arm speed, arm strength, and full body strength.

Pitch Design  With the help of Trackman we spend a lot of time focusing on pitch design. Whether we are looking for the best breaking ball to pair with an individuals fastball, or designing a completely new pitch, we have all the tools necessary to quickly shape your most effective offerings. Understanding your pitch metrics is a must in todays game, and will make you a more effective and efficient pitcher.


Mechanical Efficiency Having efficient mechanics is the only way to effectively covert strength and arm speed into velocity from the mound. We use video analysis to detect mechanical problems, and a specific series of drills to correct flaws. This helps pitchers to build confidence in their delivery and the ability to repeat a mechanically sound and healthy pitching motion.


Command and Control  Throwing the ball where you need to is a huge part of being successful as a pitcher. We train pitchers to not only understand what it takes to make the ball go where they intend but also prescribe specific drills sets to acquire a feel for mastering each location.


Arm Care and Injury Prevention  We help all participants build an individualized arm health care program so that they can stay healthy and prevent setbacks.  A good arm health program not only prevents injury, but allows pitchers to recover faster. When you get injured, you are no longer able to develop as a pitcher, and can have drastic effects on your ability to reach your pitching goals.

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