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Performance Zone offers:


Small group (2-5 athletes)

Large group training (>5 athletes)

Yoga, massage, and assisted stretching sessions.


We are confident that we can work together to reach all of your goals and look forward to working with you in the future!


1. Dynamic Warmup:
A good warmup will take you through every range of motion and stretch you out in the process. Athletes will be sweating by the end of this 8-10 minutes at the start of each class.

2. Core Strengthening:
Athletes will strengthen their entire core (abs, obliques, hips, glutes, lower back, and diaphragm), during each session. A stronger core makes a better athlete.

3. Joint Integrity:
We will work on stabilizing and mobilizing each athlete's joints in an effort to fortify their skeletal structure. This will allow them to progress without injury.

4. Strength:
Each athlete will learn proper form for each movement, and we willprogress from that point, incorporating anterior and posterior kinetic chain
movements in a total body strength training effort. All training will be done in an appropriate manner, so as not to damage any young athletes growth or development.

5. Conditioning:
Yes, we will run. However, that is NOT the most effective or
efficient way to increase an athlete's cardiovascular or respiratory conditioning. We’ll show each athlete how to do it even better!

6. Power, Speed, Agility, & Quickness: 
Through the use of various plyometrics and other advanced performance training techniques, athletes will increase in these four incredibly vital areas of sports performance, where tenths of a second and inches can and WILL make the difference. They will have a competitive edge.

7. Movement Training / Skills:
Athletes will become more aware 
of their bodies, in space. They will learn how to perfect movement patterns for their given sports as well. When an athlete possesses the confidence and coordination to complete these moves, it becomes extremely clear to them that their hard work is REALLY paying off!

8. Flexibility / Recovery Techniques:
Flexibility is key to sports performance. 
The more flexible an athlete is, the more his or her muscles can be activated and used during the performance. We will teach each athlete how to increase and improve flexibility, as well as other techniques to improve muscle tissue quality.

9. Nutrition:
Proper fitness starts in the kitchen. You wouldn’t put E85 fuel into 
a Porsche, and each athlete will learn how and why he or she should fuel his or her body in the right way, too.

10. Fun:
It has to be fun. Athletes shouldn't have to feel like they’re doing a workout until they’re done. This keeps them focused, energized, and constantly wanting more, which will help them reach greater heights. It has to be fun.

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