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Head Coach: Coltyn Kessler

stl legacy 15u - kessler

Legacy Baseball Patch.png
Ringe 4.JPG

Head Coach: Craig Ringe

stl legacy 15u - ringe

Head Coach: Eric Schreimann

STL LEGACY15U-schreimanN

LB Gold w-Black Outline.png
image2 (10).jpeg

Head Coach: Brian Kessler

STL LEGACY 14U - Kessler

STL LEGACY14U-riesmeyer

Head Coach: Colin Riesmeyer

STL Black w-Gold Outline.png
Legacy Baseball Patch.png

STL LEGACY13U-flickinger

Head Coach: Dan Flickinger

Head Coach: Nick Gianino


IMG_6015 conv.jpeg
STL Gold w-Black Outline.png

Head Coach: Chuck Rolwes

STL LEGACY13U-rolwes

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